I just wanted to take the opportunity, now that things have calmed down somewhat, to send my sincerest thanks!

Dan & I both had the most wonderful day, as did our guests.

Everything ran so smoothly and worked so well, all of the staff members on the day were just wonderful and we have had such fantastic feedback from the guests about the quality of service you all provided.

From the girls behind the bar laughing & joking with guests, remembering peoples names & orders – to the smooth running of the day (despite us being an hour behind fairly early on!) you were all just brilliant.

I also need so say a huge thank you for the amount you managed to get done in the way of clearing up, it made our lives so much easier on Sunday at 8am seeing that so many of the glasses were already clean and that so much had been sorted!

So again, a huge thank you! I hope you all managed to have fun, despite all of the work that was done and the worlds rowdiest guests! We are going on our honeymoon in a few days!